Nickel titanium alloy
(super elastic alloy)

Super elastic alloy is like rubber and has features as follows:

Even transformed big, the material is restored to former shape when the power is removed.
The stress in transforming is almost uniform.
The touch is soft.

Density: 6.4`6.5 g/cm
Melting point: 1500`1600 K
Linear expansion coefficient: 6`15~10|U /K
Hardness (Hv): 150`400
Yielding stress: 150`500 MPa
Tensile strength: 700`1100 MPa
Elongation: 10`60 %
Transformation temperature: 263`393 K(-10`120C)
Hysteresis: 5`40 K
Restoration stress: MAX 400 MPa
Distortion of form restoration: less than 6% (when repeat is little.)
less than 2% (when repeat is much.)