Million betai alloyj

1. The slim design frames of Million Beta is more than three times stronger than Pure Titanium.
2. 2.You can see the superior elasticity in Million Beta which is lacking in the Pure Titanium.
3. Age-hardening treatment makes Million Beta more elastic.
4. Excellent surface treatment is possible(plating, anodizing, etc) as the surface conditions of round wire are good.
5. Due to the high strength of Million Beta, you can make thin parts, such as across the temple with opening space, etc.
6. As million Beta has a stable -shaped crystal structure, you can get a cold working of more than 90% and high strength.
7. Million Beta has a revolutionary effect to prevent from rim-breaking.
8. The strength will not decrease even at high temperatures and constant soldering is possible.
9. No transformation of eye rim shaping will happen by heat in soldering.

Available size of million betaialloyj
Million beta round wire
@Round wire@0.8mm`6.0mm
Million Beta profile (rim) wire
Refer to the drawing@: Rim Wire

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The above sizes are general ones, and it is possible to prepare other sizes.
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