Company outline


Since our company was established in May in 1975, we have been introducing excellent products abroad to the optical frame industry field in Japan. We also have been making effort to promote domestic products, and our activity as expert trader of materials for optical frames is ranged not only in Japan but many countries. We will do our best to contribute to the society keeping our original sprit in mind and acting as the bridge for exchanging products techniques between Japan and foreign countries. Name: MAMOC Co., Ltd.
Inauguration: May 1975
Capitalization: \ 10,000,000.
President and Representative Director: Hiroyuki Murai
Head Office: 112 2-chome Ohmachi Fukui-city 918-8116 Japan
Tel: 0776-35-4361
Fax: 0776-35-5861
E-mail: mamoc

History of MAMOC

1975 May: Mamoc was established this year acting as agent for Matsushita Electric Trade Co., Ltd. whose present name is Matsushita Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
Started on selling gold-filled materials made by Ferd Wagner (Germany).

1976 April: We have made agreement for the sales agency with Ohtsuka Giken Industry Co., Ltd. whose present name is New Ohtsuka Co., Ltd., and started to sell the Automatic Supersonic Washing Machine of Ohtsuka Giken Industry Co., Ltd.

1977 August: We have made agreement for the sales agency with Toray Corporation and started on selling Ophthalmic lenses of Toray Corporation.
October: Started on selling abrasive made by Menzerna (Germany).

1978 February : Started on selling plastic sheets made in Italy.

1980 January: We have been appointed as sales agent for Yamaha Corporation.

1983 September: Started on selling Titanium materials as the sales agent of Toho Titanium Co., Ltd. whose present name is Toho Technical Service Co., Ltd.

1984 July: Started on selling tools made by Y.Belin (France).

1985 January: Increased our capital of our company to \ 10,000,000.
October: Started on selling titanium materials acting as agent for Sumitomo Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

1988 September: Transferred our office to the present place, Ohmachi, Fukui-city.

1991 April: Started dealing with CAD/CAM SYSTEM.

2000 September: Organized overseas trading division.
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